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Delivery rant again

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BusinessPost this time. Just found an email saying they are having trouble finding my house (its easy to find in daylight - or if you are a woman, or if you have satnav). Its clearly in a service road - any postcode lookup shows the service road clearly and its a big house, can't be missed, neither can the ones either side of it.


The reason I'm so annoyed is that they are delivering my WORMERY complete with WORMS which means that the worms are spending extra time in transit. I emailed the company back (not the delivery company, the company I bought from) and gave them contact numbers and comprehensive directions and as the email was going to the managing director (not a huge company!) and they are a green company I added the following.


"I've had this trouble with courier companies before as I order a lot online. I'm sure BusinessPost have delivered here before too.


You could also let them know that satnav in the vans would have brought them directly to our gate (turns you into the service road and you end up with a choice of 2 houses as the first one has a different postcode). Fitting these units in their vans would save them time and save the planet as they will burn less fuel by getting lost less often!


I hope this isn't going to have an adverse affect on the included worms - I would hate to think they have suffered from being in transit too long. I was going to email you myself tonight as I figured you would have probably dispatched early this week."


If I'm lucky I'll have my wormery tomorrow - but I suspect they won't have loaded it on the van now.

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I'm sat here waiting for DHL to deliver my new mobile phone. Their tracking service says it's on the van and on its way...can't leave the house in case it comes.

It's an LG Viewty in case anyone's interested, OH chose it. I just want it to make and receive calls, texts and to have a radio so I can listen while doing the many school runs.

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Double chicken poo.


I've heard nothing so I have spent most of my free period chasing it up. The delivery company said they tried to deliver it to the industrial estate at the other end of the service road. Our postcode is DIFFERENT so it shows clearly that we are at the other end of the service road.


The delivery company now say its gone back to the sender at the senders request. I'm waiting for the sender to call me back and let me know why. I'm having a party tonight so I would have been generating loads of food for the worms!!

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