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Question about food

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I've hung a big cabbage up in the girls' run and they seem to like it.


Question is: as you're supposed to only let them have the pellets in the morning, should I just put the cabbage out in the afternoon? I'm hoping it's a boredom buster so would like to leave it out all day if I'm not here.


If they were freeranging, they'd be pecking at greenery all day so maybe a cabbage 'on tap' is OK?

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I think it will be fine to leave it in there.


I put treats out first thing in the morning as I am not home before dark.


For the seven chooks I fill a plastic dog bowl with cucumber, cherry toms, grapes for example and the sprinkle a handful of corn / raisens in the run for them to forage for. When I put greens out I don't put the bowl out...

The three that are laying are still doing so daily so it hasn't affected egg production :D


Its also great to see them dash out at 6.30am to see what I've put out for them :D



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