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I know some others belong to the HSL so I thought I'd confess.......


Every year I don't open my magazine before Christmas and then have a rush to meet the deadline for requesting seeds as it clashes with a very busy month workwise. I end up never choosing any varieties but just putting 'carrot', lettuce', 'tomatoes' etc.


This year I was even more rushed (well, thought I was because I didn't see the extended deadline :roll: ) and just wrote across the form "SURPRISE ME"


I suppose I'm lucky some big, burly man didn't end up on the doorstep :shock: .... but I received a lovely selection of seeds.


Melon - Jenny Lind

Cucumber - King of the Ridge

Tomato - Broad Ripple Yellow Currant

Squash - Olive

Tomato - Pink Cherry

Kale - Hungry Gap


.....and something called Achocha, which I've never heard of - probably because I still haven't read the magazine :oops:


What did everyone else get?

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Looks like I missed out - haven't heard of it unfortunately. Do you have to be a member?


Well done you and hopefully I can join in next year - and you will be selling tons at your farm gate stall

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Hi Kooringa - I have membership as an add-on to my HDRA membership - I don't know if it is a stand alone thing. I'll have a look and post details here later on. They've extended the deadline to June although after March you have to take your chance with varieties, so it wouldn't bee too late.

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A nice selection! I have to confess to reading the mag and choosing the following:


Broad Bean - Londonderry (came with membership back end of last year)


Pea - Golden Sweet

Dwarf French Bean - Emperor of Russia

Leek - Colossal

Beetroot - Bulls Blood

Tomato - Broad Ripple Yellow Current

Cucumber - King of the Ridge


I see that we might be comparing notes on a few similar seleections. Happy planting!

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I choose Leek-Colossal too! I've just sown them in modules, it's my first time attempting to grow leeks at all.


I can't remember all of my choices off the top of my head, but I also chose Achocha because it looked very interesting. Still too early to sow those, apparently.

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