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watery soft egg

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Jet started laying a couple of weeks ago, she lays eggs that are enormous compared to the others, they are around 70g but they are soft shelled and watery. She only lays every 4 days, I am not worried about that though.

I have looked up soft shelled, they have oyster grit and baked recycled shells (the 2 gingernuts lay very strong eggs - quiet difficult to crack sometimes!).

I have put it down being new to this and it may take a while to settle down.

Is a watery egg normal though? As in Yolk is fine, the the white is very 'thin' it goes white when cooked, but when fried spits everywhere when I put it in the pan (now avoiding frying!)


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Thanks Snowy, I agree that nothing really applies from the list you sent, she is very young, and just started laying, I havent detected any problems, she did have an eye infection in the first few days that we had her, and about a week later she was limping for a day, but she appears healthy.

I have just been out there now and found a broken egg i the port, I think she must have broken it while or after laying,I have cleaned it out, I hope things improve.

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