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Runny chicken poo!

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Sorry to have to bring this up at such a nice time of the year but I need some help! One of my girls (they only arrived a week ago) has a runny bottom! I keep finding these yellowish puddles and have cleaned out the eglu thoroughly just in case.

I thought it was Minnie, as she is picked on by the other two and is always shooed away from the food (give her her own bowl now) but I watched her go and she's fine.

The next one I caught going (it's a bit voyeuristic isn't it!) was Pearl and she's fine so that just leaves Mrs Bossy Boots - Betty. She appears normal in every sense as far as I can tell but then this is all new to me. She is still bossy and ruling the roost, she's the largest of them all and what there is of her comb and wattles appears to be the right colour. She is eating and drinking OK too.

All they have had are pellets in the morning and some mixed corn in the afternoon. I let them out for the first time on Saturday and they have had a whale of a time in the garden. I'm an organic gardener so there isn't anything lying around that could make them poorly. Have tried them with a few treats but they weren't interested, hopefully that's because they are reeking havoc on the local slug population!

What I could do with is some reassurance and help! Will she be OK? What should I be looking out for?

Do you think she just might be sensitive to the change of water?

Just typical to be poorly over Christmas.:(


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As long as they are eating, drinking and bobbing about normally there is probably not much to worry about.


Has she overdone it with the greens?


I'd keep her on water and pellets only for a day or two and see if things settle.


You mention slugs. Too many can make them a bit squittery, and as slugs can be hosts for intestinal worms, it might be a good idea to get some Flubenvet and worm them as a matter of routine.


Good luck.

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Hello :D your girls sound like they have settled in well :D


I think it sounds like she is eating and drinking normally, so hopefully it may just be because she has been eating slugs that she has the trots :?


Sometimes they do produce yellow curry sauce type poo, but that's every so often, and believe it or not quite normal :shock::lol:


karen x

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Thanks everso everyone,

It wasn't until after I had posted this that I realised I should have looked elsewhere in the forum and I found some very informative stuff. It's really great knowing that you are all out there somewhere and willing to help us newbees!

I'm watching them in the garden as I type this and Betty is still very much the boss.

Well I can't spend anymore time watching them - presents to wrap and mince pies to make!


A Very Merry Christmas to you all and thanks again. :D

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