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poultry spice and ACV, okay every day?

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is there any problem with giving them poultry spice and ACV every day?


They've been getting poultry spice mixed in with their mash since day 1 and the last few weeks they've been getting about 1tsp of ACV in their water every day.


I just wondered if it was okay to keep on as we are.

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I've added Poultry Spice to my pellets so my girls get it every day. I used to add ACV to their water daily too but now OH fills up the glug and doesn't use ACV. They tend to get it at the w/e when I fill it up.


I have read that you should give ACV for 7 days out of every month but don't know how accurate that it. If you're only giving them a very small amount I don't see that it could do any harm.

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