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Advice on dealing with garage

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I'd like some advice on dealing with a tricky situation, if anyone can help.

To cut a long story short Toyota says that there is an incorrect part (drop link) in my car that would cause damage over a long period of time. This was fitted when I ran over a rock and had a new tyre, wheel and link from a small garage. I've already been back to the small garage as they left the old wheel in my boot :shock: and he argued for 10 minutes about how it wasn't their legal responsibility as they outsourced tyres :evil:


I sense they are going to be difficult. How do I now get them to fit the correct part, is there some kind of legal action I can back up my case with? Would I have to just pay another £40+ on parts to have it changed if they refuse?


Incidently I'm waiting for my ABS to be fixed in another garage (another long story) before going back to this garage so can't do anything immediately. :roll:

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Would the Toyota garage give you a written assessment of the situation that you could show the other garage?


Tell them that you expect the matter to be corrected by them at no cost to yourself.


I know you don't like confrontation etc. Would John take a stance for you?


Have you kept all receipts?


If they have charged you for a Toyota part and it isn't one you could drop them in it.


Good luck.

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I have a receipt with the part, position on car and cost from the garage. I'm taking John.


I have something from Toyota that reads "incorrect drop-link" and the position on the car. I had to phone Toyota to clarify that it meant "would damage car over time" rather than just a non-Toyota part that didn't matter. I will probably have to get them on the phone.


I'm now wondering if I trust them to fit it at all-I wouldn't be able to tell afterwards if it was the right part, or if they had done anything :?

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You could always give the small garage owner the choice of either


a) getting it fitted by Toyota approved dealer and sending him the invoice or

b)having him carry out the work and then get it checked by dealer anyway.


I too don't like confrontation but at the end of the day you trusted him (and paid!!) for him to do the job properly.


Trading standards are generally quite helpful if you contact them.

Good luck :)

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Yes Trading standards are helpfull and it would be good to speak to them and they should be able to give you a balanced view point from both sides if you explain the situation carefully.


Even if they have outsourced a tyre for you your contract is with this garage and if they have then subcontacted out your job elsewhere it is their responsibility on your behalf to sort out any problems.


It was your choice to deal with this garage and any dealings they then have regarding your car and parts fitted are for them to sort out.

I would have thought that the drop link fitted would be fitted by them anyway as outsourcing tyres hasnt really got any thing to do with the fitting of a drop link.


It is possible to obtain perfectly good quality or indeed the same parts packaged before they get boxed as 'toyota' or similar and most consumers are wise to this as car makers obtain their parts from car part manufacturers.


It is up to the garage in question to obtain the correct part and fit it to your car as requested. Occassionaly wrong parts are supplyed by the parts supplyer and in 99.9% of cases this is blatently obvious before it gets fitted and another phone call to the supplier will sort it and another one would be on the way, hopefully a correct one!! Their is often more than one choice of part for each job, sometimes even on a specific regestation their may be 6 options.


The garage are quite within their rights to ask the supplier of the wrong part to get them another if it was supplied wrong to them. He will probably have to stand the time it takes to fit it as a good will gesture to you.


I own a garage so this is how it works with us. Im not sure of all the details of your problem and it is usually all in the detail. I dont understand the outsourcing tyres comment over a problem with an incorrect drop link. If you were at my garage we would just do it for you.


I would be carefull of letting toyota or someone else do it for you and expecting them to foot the bill as I dont think you can legaly do this. You have to give tem every opportunity to sort out the problem for you first.


Hope this is helpfull to you and good luck :D


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To clarify: The old tyre was left in my boot which I went back to complain about and they said tyres were outsourced. This is completely unrelated to Toyota saying there was an incorrect part (drop-link) fitted by the same garage which I've not done anything about. the only connection is that it was fitted when the tyre/wheel were replaced.


To confuse things: I don't know if it is even wrong or not now. I asked the garage which is sorting out my ABS (different garage) if you could have a "wrong part" for a drop link and they said the only problems you could get involve it making a noise when you drive (it doesn't) or falling off-not damage over a long time. :?

I'm doing nothing at the moment... :?


If you're confused (I am!) the main players are

1) Toyota-comes up with long lists of small things to fit at great expense

2) Garage that I left as they left an old tyre/wheel in my car and when I went back said they would take it, but it wasn't their responsibility as they outsourced tyres. It also took 3 times of asking to get them to examine some bodywork. They did spot a problem with the CV joint.

3) Garage 3 (chain) fitted a new CV joint but messed up my ABS. they referred me to a local diagnostic centre (free) for a diagnostic but they didn't have the software so I went to Toyota and paid £40 where they came up with about 3 possible new faults :roll:

On the plus side garage 3 has now sorted the ABS, I may get back the £40 and I trust them.

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Thanks for your advice, and for taking the time to write a detailed reply.

It is possible to obtain perfectly good quality or indeed the same parts packaged before they get boxed as 'toyota' or similar and most consumers are wise to this as car makers obtain their parts from car part manufacturers.

I think this is the crux of it now. I don't have the knowledge to know if Toyota is being picky about using Toyota parts. Garage 3 seems to disagree but then the guy hadn't examined the part. Garage 2 may be OK, but are lacking on customer service.

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The tyre was left in your boot because tyres cost money to dispose of. It is usual for who ever fits the new tyre to dispose of it and this cost is usually taken in to account with the cost of the new tyre fitting. You are right to ask them to take it off you or it leaves you with a problem (and cost of) disposal. They should not have left this in your boot.


It is quite usual for main dealer garages to come up with all sorts of things that you should have fitted to your car. I know it is sounds cynical but you must always have in your mind that they are trained to sell along with the chain type quick fit style places. The overheads of a main dealer a HUGE and staff are assesed on sales and performance at every turn.

Im not saying that they would all sell unneccesarly, but will be keen to sell to you anything they can perhaps before you really need it.


If you can find a small/medium sized garage that you trust, you are far better off here than a dealer. A good busy garage with nice friendly staff who answer your questions promptly for you with a good overall knowlage is what you need. Check out if there is an independant Toyota specialist in your area. Here you will find the specific knowlege you require and access to top quality parts.


Get garage 3 that you are happy with to check out anything you are worried about and go with what they think. If they think it ok then its ok, as Im sure they would me more than happy to fit you a drop link if it needed one.


Cars these days are a minefield of electrical trickery.

About a year ago we updated all our diagnostic equipment at a huge cost which is out of the reach of most smaller garages so not all garages will have the facilitys to diagnose electrical faults. In some cases the agent may be your only option.


It is common for the equipment to come up with a series of faults. If it is inconclusive, we often clear the cars memory and ask the customer to drive it for a few days and come back and we will read it again and see whats logged again as a fault. ABS light going on or off are a nightmare. It may well be nothing to do with anything garage 3 has done whist the car was with them. If they have sorted it out for you, thats great. CV joint wont have anything to do with electrical problems. Perhaps you have a number of seperate issues going on with your car. If its running ok at the mo and your ABS is working again see how you go.


Find an independant garage who will read it for you when it is not. As an indication of cost our charge for a diagnostic is £30.00 plus vat.

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