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Best quiet (!!) hybrids for an omlet go with 2M run

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I'm an experienced owner but haven't had chickens for a few years. I have a new omlet go with a 2M run that has had guineapig in it for a while but they are now inside. I'm looking for 3 quiet hybrid hens after a bad experience noisy bantams they spend all their time chatting and screaching. I was thinking of LOHMANN BROWN hybrids. They will be in the run all of the time so I'm looking for max 3 hens.

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That's a very small run for three chickens. Noise is very much luck-of-the-draw, but the larger the run, I think the less noise. You need to quadruple the size of your run and just get any three hybrids and cross your fingers. In my opinion anything less than 2m2 per hen is likely to give behavioural problems. At 1m2 and problems are most likely, but you may be lucky with some space enrichment things, like perches and soil baths?

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