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Two eggs in one day?

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My Maran Cuivre disappeared into the Eglu for ages this am - probably around an hour - and had produced her normal 44g little brown egg.


When I checked them again a couple of hours later there was another identical egg.


My Coral had already laid her 60g pale pink egg and my Rhode Star isn't laying yet (and will lay white eggs) so it must have been Daisy.


Is this unusual? She's only been laying for a couple of weeks but is already laying an egg a day!




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Are you sure it wasn't your Rhode Star?


Well, Lily _did_ go into the nest box for the first time this am after Daisy had come out from her long sit but she came straight back out again so it's possible BUT the poultry centre where we got them said she laid white eggs (so we would have 3 different egg colours from our hens). It also did look identical to one of Daisy's eggs. Mind you, if your Rhode Star lays brown eggs then it could be her's.


Only time will tell - and it would be typical if there was doubt about her first egg, the Coral was already laying when we got her and we missed Daisy's first egg as we were away overnight!


I'll let you know if the mystery is solved!



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