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Cockerel Rehoming

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Hi, apologies if there's other threads about his, but i'm trying hard, unsuccessfully, to rehome 3 bantam cockerels. One's a white silkie and the other 2 are Pekins. They're only about 5 months old, and getting louder by the day!. I really don't want them to be culled if possible, so searching for someone to take them. 

I've tried local farms, and chickens rehoming places, but they won't take them. So does anyone know where takes cockerels?

Or any takers here?

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Well if they told you they were all hens they have to take them back. If they said they don't know because they were too young to sex you are just unlucky. It looks like you may have to deal with them yourself. Rehoming isn't a realistic option unless you have rare breeds at a good standard. Perhaps find someone to kill them for you? A note for everyone. For every laying hen there is a dead cockerel because slightly over half those that are hatched are males. I know that isn't a nice thing to say, but that is the reality.

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Yeah, i bought them assuming they were hens, a naive mistake on my part, but they didn't tell me they were sold as unsexed either, so i'm a bit peeved - they sold them for £50 each!. So a lesson learned definitely and a warning to everyone ready.  Ultimately i'm most unhappy that the shop i bought them from don't seem to be caring too much for the chickens' welfare. I guess chicken trade is a minefield - nobody should really be selling unsexed chickens, as it's quite clearly a chance for a quick buck. 

but yeah, i don't want them to be killed so still hunting for a rehoming for them. I think i've found a wonderful place in kent that gives cockerels a second chance at life! 

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