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Team building with work

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Anybody been on a team building exercise with their work?


We all went paintballing yesterday. After a fairly disasterous build up with people singling out others who they wanted to 'get' and a few tears, the day went really well. I'm not a believer in these things really but taking it on the level of a good day out, I enjoyed myself.


Hubby works at the same school and we were looking forward to getting each other but when we drew numbers to see what team we were on, we ended up on the same team.


Never mind, I will have to challenge him at something else.

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I can't imagine anything more awful. :shock:


Mind you there are a couple who I would have in my sights.


I'm sure the feeling would be mutual. :lol:


We go on hikes occasionally, followed by a nice lunch.


You get to chat in depth to people that you only say hello to in the ordinary way.


Very pleasant....especially if the weather is good.

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I've been on quite a few and some I have hated every minute of - they are usually the ones billed as 'marketing team building events', and designed by colleagues over the pond who have a very different definition of fun to me :lol:


Last one I went on last year was part of a year-long course I was doing and was brilliant. Got to jump out of trees into cargo nets and whizz down zip-wires. I'm not built for adventure (ahem), but was chuffed I completed the course!

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