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The Dogmother

Visiting Kooringa

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Hi all, a quick (cos it's late) post to thank Kooringa (publicly) for making Rosie, Phil and I so welcome when we visited her and her OH on Saturday. They live in a gorgeous house about an hour from my folks place in Norfolk, so on Saturday, we dropped Phil off at the Norwich antique fair and went over to Kooringa's.


They made us feel very welcome, and we admired the run that Kooringa had made for the chooks in their back garden. Her three girls are lovely and friendly, they ate the strawberries that we gave them, and gave Rosie 3 eggs in return.


We went to her (enormous) allotment, where we admired the veg and came away with 4 lovely leeks (destined for a gratin) and some leaves and root veg for the chooks. This part is covered on her blog, where you can see Rosie's attempts to pull the leeks. As you can see from the photo of me, I was knackered and needed the break badly.


We had a super lunch of home grown produce and the neighbours table chooks. Rosie made butter, and we had some delicious bread and flapjacks to take back with us (they didn't last long :roll: ).


We return refreshed, and inspired by Kooringa's endeavours at taming the earth. She is a very wise lady, and predictably, we didn't have nearly enough time to chat! Next time.....

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Thanks Clare I really enjoyed your company.


And I live in a modest little bungalow - not like Lesley's small farm - unfortunately - so you can't have a massive Omlet summer camp!!


As much as I would love it!


And Clare never got to visit Harrods where the strawberries came from.


Still there is always next time if it is timed right you can pick your own. On second thoughts I think not, after you told me of your PYO forays as a child!


Click on my www to see Rosie - she is gorgeous and such a sweetie. She had my OH twisted around her little finger! Even got him drawing a face!!!


That is going down in the diary - an all time first! :lol:


Seriously though, this forum is a great place to meet like minded people, and I never dreamt that I would meet any of you 'in real life' as I can't get to the meetings, which is a shame.


But I know that many of you have become friends through here.


A bit :oops::oops: that Clare mentioned it to you all. I am just an ordinary old bird!


Off to bed


Happy Valentines Day all you peeps

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Yes, we really enjoyed ourselves, their bungalow is lovely and her OH is a real treasure - he does 'cooking stuff'! :shock:


Excuse me, did I miss something there? He is the veggie peeler, the washer upper, the ironer, the hooverupper, the once in a blue moon sausage & onion, in the remoska and mash - and he makes a mean hot water and lemon for me................ :lol: Pretty darn nice!



Are you able to make it to the summer do at Burghley Kooringa? Should be a couple of hours from yours I reckon.


Errrm it's the lip reading that would defeat me!

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With the emphasis on YET but you will soon - I am so happy for you.


Just give her a chicken to pluck - and she'll be as happy as Larry.


And if she has to catch it first.............. :roll:

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Kooringa, you've got to come in the summer - I'll do the translating for you :D


Any man who does ANYTHING in the kitchen impresses me! Phil can heat stuff up in the microwave, that's it!


Lesley - prison rations or a cuppa are fine! :wink:


Don' t believe her - that's what she told me.


When I told Rosie that she had got stale bread and water for lunch, she looked a bit shocked then said sweetly,


'That's O.K.' Bless her cotton socks - well stripey pink tights.


It was then that I noticed the pink DM's, so quickly changed my mind - didn't want any bovver. :lol:

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