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Oh no not again!!!

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I lost my ginger to a buzzard just before christmas & got 3 ex battery hens to keep Babs company. The Batts did squabble+++, I left them with a fellow omletter whilst I went away for a week and the fighting got worse, so he let them into the garden to calm things down & the little blighters refused to go back. Now I only have the 1 bully bird battery hen left - foxes took the other 3 including by lovely pepperpot!!! in broad daylight. I feel sooo sorry for Paul, he went on hols yesterday so I havn't seen him yet, poor guy.


I am getting an extension to my eglu run next week & some pheremone spray from omlet, apparently it calms them all down. Looks like another visit to the battery egg farmer next week - maybe I will have better luck

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ex batts squabble because they've been used to fighting for every morsel of food and because they're all packed in, it's bound to make them a bit assertive/defensive. They should soon un-learn this behaviour once they know they have a limitless supply of food and plenty of room.


Ours squabbled a bit at first so we made sure there were 3 seperate feeding/watering stations and at some stages we had to seperate the most agressive one.


What helped the most was the seperate feeders and giving them sweetcorn on the floor of the run so they got used to feeding with each other.


They all get along really well now and are the best of pals.


We kept them in the run for the first week to 'home' them and now they free range with no problems and put themselves to bed. We had to wrangle them into the coop for about 3 nights and after that they just did it by themselves.


We only let them free range when we are there to supervise.


Better luck with your next girls!

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