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how do you clean the run

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My run is hardly ever cleaned out - it's heaving but my cube run is not moveable (grass has grown through the skirting on the run - it's about the only grass in the garden :roll: ) If I ever EVER get my big run it will be much easier as at the minute I have to crawl through the SILLY little door, get covered in mud and all sorts of other unmentionables to rake it out (whilst being climbed over from behind as I'm half way through the door by curious silly hens :evil: )

But yes, use hemcore or aubiose and that should help

Mrs Bertie

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Hi Tommy.


In the Summer I just squirt the hosepipe on the poos and they disolve in seconds into the ground.


At the moment I can't do that as ground is too waterlogged, so I have Auboise (which is similar to Hemcore) put down at about 1 inch deep on base of the run. The poos seem to disappear and you rake it over and refresh at intervals.

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