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taming bantums

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We've got our four bantums a week and a half ago, two speckled sussex and two plymouth rock. We really want to get our two young daughters involved and they're keen to get involved!


They go in the run and can sometimes stroke the bantums, but how do we get to the stage of being able to pick them up especially when I can't get in the run myself! I can't beleive they made the door so small , I'm a bit annoyed after all the money it cost for the cube you can't even get to the chickens.

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Patience... and food.... if they begin to associate you with food/ treats then they will become tamer, but it won't happen instantly. They usually become easier to deal with when they start laying. Also, if you pick them up when they've gone to roost for the night (they're usually pretty docile then) that'll help them get used to you.

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Hi Leopardstar, the door thing is ridiculous isn't it, there's been a whole series of posts on the Eglus and Cubes section. I'm having a nightmare as two of my bantams insist on roosting on the ladder and I want them in at nights so I have to crawl in almost on my stomach to get through the door. Someone else cut a bigger door I think, can't remember who, might have been Fred or Kev which I might consider but OH is allegedly building us a bigger run. Anyway, yes, pick them up as they're roosting, or if you let them free range or when you feed them treats alwys use the same thing - I used a metal tin and shook it as I went down so they used to leg it towards the tin and I could grab them. Once you've got them sit your children down and put a hen on their laps with a bowl of treats in the other - the hens will soon not care where they are if they've got exclusive access to food! :lol: Then you won't be able to walk down the garden without being mobbed by greedy hopeful chickens!!


Mrs Bertie

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