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recipe needed for egg custard tart

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DH managed to restrain himself from buying an egg custard tart from the co-op today as it wasn't made with free range egg, so I said I'd make him one.


Anyone got a tried and tested recipe please and tips on how to make it etc please? :D

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thanks for your help. I ended up using delia's recipe actually as I had single cream.


I don't have a pie dish so had to use a pyrex dish which was a pain, I must get a proper pie tin!


Anyway, not bad for a first attempt, tastes very nice :)



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What kind of pastry did you use? I have just made a rich sweet shortcrust with egg yolk and sugar and butter and it cracked up and was sticky when I tried to line muffin pans with it. It was better when it had been re-rolled so it may have been too cold. But I am hoping to make individual egg custards like you get at the bakers but I am losing heart over whether or not it will work.


The pastry is resting in it's muffin pans, do you think i should bake it blind for a short time or just put the filling in and hope for the best?


Help please :(

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Thanks for that, I made them with a rich shortcrust pastry from Leith's cookery bible, which was hard to handle but quite nice and the filling was from the earlier Omlet thread with a little cream added.


Hubby complained filling too sweet, but I thought it was nice which is funny because he is the one with the sweet tooth, and DS complained that it tasted too eggy, that is because it had free-range eggs in it :shock:


Which Delia book did it come from because I looked in all of mine and couldn't find it?

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