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what are the best chickens for eglus.

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I have ;

an enormous Speckledy who is nice but dim, lays lovely speckled eggs with a hard shell.

a Blackrock who is grumpy and lays the strangest shaped eggs with ridges and bumps.

a very petite and gentle Blubelle whose eggs are just as dainty

and a very vociferous Blubelle who thinks she is a cockerel all in a chocolate brown Mark 2 Eglu :D

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Warrens are lovely friendly birds, Ambers also.

If you want something comical with lots of character, get a leghorn! I've got a white one with an enormous floppy comb!!!

I also love my extremely friendly black rock - Rolo.

I have a magpie chicken too (hybrid), but she is bossy & pecky and quite large.

I'd have a garden full of leghorns & blackrocks if I could - who needs tv?? :lol:



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At the moment I have all hybrids:

One of my original Omlet girls - Gingernut Ranger, who is the boss. I also have a Suffolk Noir who is the biggest and noisiest and a little Suffolk Blacktail who is the wuss!


Planning to get more as soon as I've built my bigger run. I will need another second-hand eglu house for them though as I don't think they advise more than 4 to an eglu.

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I have a rescue hybrid, a maran and 2 cochins.


The hybrid and the maran are perfect for the eglu. My Maran is the perfect size, not too big not too small. Cochins are huge fluffy hens which would be better in the cube, however I have 2 eglus and we are building huge walk in run.


Check out omlets breed guide and see what you fancy :)

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I have four chickens living in my eglu, however two of them aren't yet fully grown, but there's definitely growing room for them!


I have two bluebelles, these are lovely and friendly, really good layers if mid brown eggs.


And I have a cream legbar and a barnevelder. These two are both friendly, they're pure breeds and the cream legbar is a light-medium breed and the barnevelder a heavy breed.

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