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Omlet auto door and big hens/rooster

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Hey there, 

We're getting new hens and a rooster soon, ans we've built them a nice and cosy coop. We're thinking of adding an omlet auto door, but we couldnt tell if the big chicks (such as brahmas or orpingtons, male and female) could go through the door, as they can be quite big (60cm high vs the 30x20cm of the door).


Id like to know if anyone has experience about those, and if there are things to know beforehand. 


Thanks ! 










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I've just been out to measure the doors on our coops because we've had big birds in them. Firstly they are all 30cm wide, which was just enough for our Orpington cocks; no chance whatsoever of fitting through 20cm. Secondly the height varies between 38cm and 43cm. They can duck to get in but for a Wyandotte cock we had to increase the height from 35cm to 38cm because he couldn't duck so well as he became older and used to catch his comb on the top. I would say aim for a minimum of 30cm wide and 40 cm high, which rules out the Omlet auto door.

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