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i am really intrested in adopting 2 ex batts. i has 4 hens already in an eglu and a home made 5m by 2m run. i still have my existing eglu run so plan to keep the batts in there with a tempory hut for about a month. but my main concern is, will i be able to fit 6 hens in an eglu? i have looked in there and there seems like there is enough space as they all squash up together anyway. but was wondering if anyone actually does have 6 in an eglu?


Thanks For Your Help


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I think that 6 can sleep in an eglu, but I'd have reservations about the run size for that many. So if they can free range a lot or if you have a bigger run then I'd say go for it :D


Slight note of caution though, I'd make sure that you have ways of separating the 2 groups to begin with, as obviously whenever you try to integrate new hens there can be a bit of hen pecking, some of it quite vicious :x , and ex batts do need a fair bit of tlc and time to recover, build up their strength etc before they're exposed to a resident flock who are likely to want to assert their dominance in your back garden :roll: .

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