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water-logged ground

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Hi folks, I'm a little worried at the moment as it's our firstw inter with the girlies. The ground around the Eglu and in the run is quite wet, but so is the rest of the garden, so wherever I move the eglu to, the result is the same - very wet! but not puddles.


Is this a problem? he girls seem happy enough and they're getting out and about bu have not laid for a couple of days.


I've scooped off the top layer of wood chips, but not sure whether it would be a good idea to add some sharp sand to the area???


Any ideas?

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Dont worry I think everyone's gardens are the same. We are squelching, and my grass is :oops::oops: ,....well it cant be classed as grass anymore!


My girls dont mind what state the garden is in, in fact im sure my maran loves the mud.


Mine just dont like this very windy and wet stuff, they've been huddled in the garage again today.


Lets hope it starts to dry out a bit soon. :)

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