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Okay so today I will be making a call to see about picking up 2/3 more girls for the new run and Im trying to decide for definate on what I want I know I can have 8 for my run size, but bearing in mind several of mine are bantams I thought I could have 9.


I like the idea of a poland. But just had a couple of questions. What size are they? Do you get large and bantam size? Also the main issue for me is the drinking situation. I read they need specific drinkers to aviod getting the crests wet, although I dont know if this is just a concern is you want a 'show' bird or if it causes a problem for their crests to get a bit wet sometimes. My nw run has a water feature thing for them to drink from, (seeing as they always drank from it when freeranging anyway they can keep it) its made up of staggered pools of water so a bit like drinking from bowls in the same way they drink out the top of the super glug. Will this be okay? What do your polands drink from?

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I have 2 Polands in with my bantams - they are adorable (there are some pics in my gallery).


I found that the Glug was not good for them. Poor Floss got such a wet head,which then got muddy & she ended up with dreadlocks & had to have a trim :roll:

The Super Glug is perfect for them though.


I think they are just bantam sized,but my 2 are larger than some of my smallest bants, & the eggs are the size of a big hens when they first start laying,so a good useful size.


The nicest thing about them is that they are so comical...forever bumping into things they cannot see, & so easy to pick up as you can sneak up on them :wink::lol:

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Sorry to hijack your post, but do you know of somewhere that has Polands available to buy?


My friend is now looking to get some bantams for their kids, and is pretty adamant on getting a Poland, anyone know of any breeders in the South West? Claret has just given me some contacts in the Reading area which I need to pass on. If not I guess they will have to travel further to get some if they are that desperate :D

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