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Aunty e

Lyra's Hat from the Golden Compass

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I just made this from the free pattern you can find here




You have to register, but you can opt out of direct marketing, and I quite fancied getting a knitting newsletter anyway.


I made it with VERY chunky wool, but only one strand rather than the two they suggest in the pattern. I couldn't get the adult pattern to appear (using duff computers at work) so I sized it up to 28 stitches and about 13 inches long (makes sense when you see the pattern. I think this is probably a bit big actually, but I have big hair. I also found that to get the seam at the back really neat, you had to turn your needles round, so the loose end of the wool was in the right place for knitting the two halves together. This was difficult to manage with two kittens doing their best to 'help' me.


it's a REALLY easy knit, and looks fab (or so everyone at work tells me), start to finish (with some faffing around) it took me about an hour and a half.

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i already had some mixed colour chunky wool so as soon as i got home from watching the film i had a go at making it. I just knitted a rectangle that fitted Abi's head and sewed it up at the back, then added plaited ties to each front corner. It curled naturally at the front. The bottom edge could do with being a tighter fit so i may do some adjusting but i have to say it looks exactly the same as Lyra's and Abi loves it!!

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