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Roosting bars for an Eglu Classic?

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I just picked up a secondhand Eglu Classic as an emergency home for one of my hens who is unwell (Calamity, who I’ve posted about on another thread!). I didn't realise until the very last minute that it was missing the roosting bars and the seller didn't have them. As I’m in a bit of a pinch, I bought the coop anyway.

Does anyone have a set of roosting bars that they no longer want/need? I am of course happy to pay (within reason).

Thanks in advance,



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On 4/14/2023 at 10:55 AM, Beantree said:

Omlet list them as a spare part at £26 and (subject to delivery time) that may be your quickest route to getting some?

Thanks so much! I missed them completely when I did a quick search 🤦 - clearly not paying attention (worrying about my poorly girl)! I’ll do that I think - as you say, probably quickest as they have lots in stock!

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