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muddy problem

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Wondered if anyone may have any ideas to assist with following. I have an eglu cube which is currently on grass (or whats left of it) Due to all of the wet weather the area where we move the cube around has turned into a quagmire (sorry about spelling)

We are now considering housing the cube in a more confined area and maybe useing a floor covering of some sort. I have looked at the 'bark' option (which we use for our rabbits) but we find that this can be a bit costly. Wondered if anyone has a more economical idea or has had better success with something else ?

Either that - or I could put my chooks in wellies !

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I'm sure I won't be the only one shouting 'HEMCORE!' (Or Aubiose, nearly the same thing). Do a search on here for information, but basically it's a type of straw used for horse bedding - it soaks up rain, poo and anything else you throw at it, and its £7 a bale.


You would probably want something outside the cube to stand on (my Eglus are just on grass, and in the last week it's got really muddy just where I go around them to collect the eggs and fill up the feeders). Paving slabs, woodchip or bark would do for that, but lots of us on here recommend the hemcore/aubiose option for inside the run.

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we use hemcore in the run. Its great at absorbing poos. its a horsey type bedding that comes in bales. Aubiose is very similar.


We have a shower curtain over the run which does help with the wet but to be honest the torrential downpours we have been having down here I dont think anything has escaped from the wet and mud.

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