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Unwell bantam

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A couple of days ago I noticed that one of our five bantams was looking a bit peaky.  She is young, a Cuckoo Maran, and came into lay last October and laid an egg every day until about three weeks ago.  At the moment she is either going into the Cube or under a bush with excursions outside from time-to-time.  I haven’t managed to catch her but will try to do so when she goes to bed.  Her tail is down and she keeps closing her left eye - no sign of damage.  When she scratches she staggers on her left leg.  Yesterday I noticed that her poop was like water.  The other girls are fine.  I will obviously inspect her for a stuck egg when I can get her and give her a dose of wormer.  Any other suggestions, please, as to what to look out for?  Her comb and wattles are a healthy red.  Thank you.    

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On 4/25/2023 at 6:41 PM, Cat tails said:

@Columbian how is she doing?

Thank you for asking, in spite of my best efforts she died; I was most cut up about it.  We drove 2hrs to Noddy’s and bought two more, after a fox got one of my original Columbian; one had been injured and the other was the runt.  We were not shown them so didn’t know until we got home.  The small one died at the weekend.  The one with a gammy leg sometimes lays weak-shelled eggs and eats them, so not a good buy.  I have radio silence from the supplier; I asked for a refund as I don’t fancy a 4hr drive in the circumstances.  Most disappointed with the supplier.  I would like two Cuckoo Maran bantams as replacements but cannot find any.  I wonder if I ought to go for a different breed of bantam having lost two.  Pekins are a bit small and they seem to be the most popular.  I wonder why it is so difficult to get them.  I can find some listed but only on a wholesale website, their sister site does not have any, but neither the former nor latter respond to communications.  Sigh.  I have almost finished a 5m2 extension to their 6m2 WIR ready for newbies but it look as if the run will be done before I get some new girls.  Suggestions welcomed.  Thank you, again, for asking; I hadn’t checked on here for a long time.

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