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Straw in the run - is it a good idea??

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Does anyone put straw down in their run?


I currently have my run over woodchip which is great for the chickens and keeps it all smelling and looking good.


Only problem is that my chooks kick it out the side of the run and onto my lawn, which if you read my last post, you will know looks like a mud bath.


The woodchips are making my lawn look worse and are killing the grass, plus they look very untidy.


I was thinking of putting straw or similar down in the run to stop the chooks kicking so much out.


Does anyone have any advice or experience on the straw in the run situation!? I've seen on here that some people use aubiose but that looks like small pieces so may get kicked out just like chips.


Any replies appreciated :wink:

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The majority of people will tell you to use hemcore in your run. That's what we use and its really good. It doesn't smell and seems to soak up all the poop. We clean the run out once a month and put fresh hemcore down once a fortnight. This wont help with it being kicked around the garden as its smaller pieces than woodchip but your chooks will love scratching around in it!!


We get ours from the local horse supplies shop.

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