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Chicken sounding like a Turkey!

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I iknow it's late but the naughty little monkeys are out in their run when I've just been out for the umpteenth time to lock them up!! Bad Girls!!!!


My main reason for posting is one of the girls is sounding remarkably like a Turkey tonight. It's more of a staggered noise (if you get my drift) rather than a smooth hen sound. Is there any known reason for this? I'm slightly worried that it could be medical and a problem with her throat?? :roll:


They all seem healthy and well otherwise, and are eating like Gannets as per usual!



Jue x

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They all sounded fine this morning. I wouldn't be able to tell which one it was by looking at them as it was dark when I heard it last night. Perhaps there actually was a Turkey hiding in the garden :shock::lol:


Can their voices change as this is definitely something new? I will keep an eye on them, am popping home at lunch time so if I hear it again I'll let you know.




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