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The Bantam of the Opera

Why does this always happen to me?!?! >=[

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I let all my birdies free range together today and it was bliss, all 5 were getting along fine and i thought all my chicken worries were over but then i spotted that pudding, my newest arrival, has spurs! another cockerel! ive had enough of this gah!


It explains why she was so aggrassive towards snape.


Shes the one i swapped my buff orpington cockerel for from a farmer, youd think she'd have known. im so mifed about this. now what do i do?



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Hopefully your new arrival is a hen. Since my brahmas turned out to be cockerels, I am paranoid. I keep looking at Buffy wondering. The breeder was adamant that I now had two hens but it is a horrible feeling to get attached to a bird and then discover that you cannot keep it.


Best wishes for a good outcome. I know how you are feeling and it's not nice.



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