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Can I still keep chickens? :(

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Hello, I want to know if you think that these conditions are OK to keep chickens:


I have a large garden, but it is mostly taken up by a swimming pool. Naturally theres concrete everywhere too because of the water, except for a small squared off piece in the corner thats mostly taken up by a trampoline!! However there is enough space for the eglu on the bark area, and ive been told that will be fine. There are no grassy areas in my garden.

My fence is over 6 feet and surrounds the garden, but because of garden sheds it is possible for foxes to get in my garden, though unlikely. At least 5 cats occupy just my home and the one next door aswell.


The whole family is out of the house from 8am till 4pm, and especially in winter, this makes it impossible to let them out as its dark when we get home, and we cant leave them unsupervised around the pool obviously, as they could accidently fall in!


Please help me...can I still keep chickens even though these conditions arent ideal? Thanks a lot!

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