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Appropriate garden for chickens?

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Hi, Im not new to keeping chickens but have recently moved and our garden in my opinion isn’t currently suitable for keeping chickens.

I will be getting an omlet of some description with a 2m run and was thinking of housing this on an area with auboise or similar substrate. Ideally I then would like them to roam freely in our garden which is mainly paved/gravelled but fully enclosed. Obviously keeping them enclosed when out and/or at night etc.

Is this suitable enough? I’m just worried that won’t allow enough foraging etc.


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Three full sized chickens in a 3 m run should be fine. The aim is about 1 square meter per chicken, although more is almost always better. Although some breeds will better deal with less space then others. 
The lighter more flightier breeds, like leghorns and cream crested legbars, can require more space.

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