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Egg Sizes

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A lady at work did a placement (as part of her social work degree) at a farm run by people with learning disabilities. As the farm sells its eggs, they have to be sized like other commercially produced eggs. She bought me a copy of the chart they use for sizing and I thought others might be interested in seeing it :)


Small: 45g - 52g

Medium: 53g - 63g

Large: 64g - 73g

Very Large: 74g - 82g


It doesn't mention eggs above 82g and I know we've had a couple of these and I suspect others have too!



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I'm always surprised how big our eggs are!! Recently I had to buy a box of eggs (our girls have got into the habit of eating their eggs!!), and went for medium ones, and when I opened the box I thought 'these are not medium, they're tiny'... It makes me wonder, seeing how consistantly large our eggs are, how it's possible to buy small and medium ones!!

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