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introducing new chooks

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Some people bung them in with their existing chickens and leave them to it or some people do a "gradual" introduction. Which ever way you decide there will be some pecking/sqaubbles and you'll have to keep an eye on them till they settle down. :)


We did the gradual method. We had a "temporary" 2nd house and run for the new girls. When we got the new ones we let the old girls free range while the newbies were in their own run, then we would swap over and let the new girls out. This way they get used to each others "smells" etc.


Eventually we let them all out in the garden together, there was pecking - but the new girls had room to run away.


It took about 5 days before we could put the new girls in the same eglu as the old girls and all in all a week before they would free range happily all together. :)

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