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Hen-pecked hen!!

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We got our 3 chickens on Friday, and they were fine.


However, one hen (the pepperpot) is being picked on constantly by the other two. I know that she's the youngest, and they are just trying to make sure she knows who is the boss. They aren't really letting her out of the eglu at all, and when she does come out they chase her in again.

I've put out a separate bowl of feed, so at least I know she is eating. It's upsetting for the children to see, and I just wondered if anyone can tell me how long this sort of thing is likely to go on for?


Many thanks

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When they feel she knows her place :roll:

They can be so crewl , make sure you go in and mix it up with them a couple of times a day and hold them why she scraches around and eats , so it gives her some confidence .

The hen pecking never really stops , but if they draw some blood from her you may end up with a more serious problem .

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In my experience this sort of behaviour will probably settle down after about a week - it is horrible to witness, but is normal chicken behaviour, and as long as it doesn't get out of hand your pepperpot should be fine. You have done the right thing by putting out an extra feeeding point, and I would do the same with a water bowl if you can. It will get better,honestly!

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we had a similar problem when we first got our girls. Maud was picking on shalott, chasing her back into the coop and away from the food. I had to seperate maud a few times but I think what finally sorted it out was when we installed an extra food and water station in the smaller run, we already had 2 feed troughs and a large coop cup for water in the large run. This meant that when Maud kept chasing shalott back into the smaller run, she was still able to eat and drink.


We also scattered some sweetcorn in the large run so they all got used to feeding together and the tasty sweetcorn took maud's mind off being a bully for a while.


Bless her, little shalott kept coming back for more and trying to integrate herself and after about a week, it all settled down.


They're all the best of pals now, amazing how they've adapted and settled so quickly, considering.

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