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We have one of those chicken treadle feeders supposedly rat proof. It was working but turns out that a flap underneath is made of plastic. Rats are burrowing under the run & have chewed through the plastic, so eating all the food. We wondered why we were getting through so much. We’re not keen on using poison though have resorted to it.  It doesn’t work as rats ignore it. So can anyone recommend a feeder that is definitely rat proof please. Thanks in advance. 

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We have a couple of Grandpa's treadle feeders and can vouch that there isn't any plastic that can be chewed through. We haven't actually used them, so they are a rather expensive accessory sitting in the garage. One was set up ready by balancing the treadle with some self-adhesive car wheel weights and also putting some foam rubber under the lid so it didn't close with a frightening clang.

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