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Cat ownership

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Would just like some general advice from group.

I temporarily moved to Australia Aug 2019 for 1 year which has been delayed to 2.5yr due to covid. Initially my family/ friends were going to care for my cat whilst I was away but my neighbours kept asking if they could instead as liked him. I agreed since own house next door so less movement for my cat.  It was always on a temporary arrangement and very clear I wanted him back upon my return which they agreed with.

Initially I offered payment to cover food etc but they declined as said they were happy to just be able to look after him (otherwise he'd have gone to my family few hours away). 

When I was delayed, I asked if they were OK to keep longer or should I arrange him to go to my family until I'm home. 

I have now spoke to them to say I'm returning soon and they refuse to give him back/ will consider for £2000 fee.

They are now refusing saying I didn't pay for his care (because they declined so my plan was decent cash payment in thank you gift upon my return) but I did pay any vet bills (or at least any I was made aware of, luckily only vaccines) 

I'm not sure what to do. I hate conflict and feeling very stressed about the situation but really want my cat back as planned.

Any advice? 






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That’s a tough situation you are in. 
After all that time, I would understand your neighbours getting attached to your cat.

I think I would try and get some legal counsel in this case. Because if your neighbours are unwilling to return your cat, you can’t really force them yourself.

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As cattails says this is an awful situation. Even if your neighbours are attached to your cat this is a very unfair way of them to behave after the verbal agreement you had.

I’m afraid I think cattails is right though. Unless you can steal your cat back and lock him indoors I think getting legal advice is the only way forward. Trouble is that’ll definitely lead to bad feeling. 

I don’t see any way to get a good outcome for you.

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