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What the anti-chicken asked this morning.


We were reading the BHWT newsletter (which was dead fiddly to print off for her!) and talking about the ex-batts we are going to get in March.


Then she suddenly askeed - how many hens to we have accomodation for?? I told her we could probably squeeze 14 into the Cube and the Eglu (yes we still have both - for 3 hens). And she pondered this for a while before saying she wouldn't want that much poo in the garden! I did mention oh you won't be too upset if I go to get 3 ex batts and come back with more then. She didn't actually answer that one.


This was after a discussion about who we can give our eggs away to this weekend - we are both on Lighterlife and James is resisting an eggy breakfast so we have 3 hens and no egg eaters!!! In the summer we are going to start selling them at the gate - just hope some people bother to stop.

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Trouble is they do like to spend a lot of time on the patio outside her backdoor - there is always more poo there than anywhere else! All over the garden isn't a problem.


Mind you my friend - when he brings his kids over is always yelling "mind the poo". I guess his DOG never poos in the garden when they are at work all day and don't get home till after dark.

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She was saying again this morning how we better keep the Eglu if we are going to have 12 hens!


I think she's settled on a number in her head. She's also getting the handyman to extend the run (Which our chooks are NEVER in!)

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