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Need some advice please

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I've moved my chicken house and run to an area of the garden that has small pieces of purple slate and gravel on the floor. They seem OK on it and are scratching around kicking the slate about there run and eating small bits of the gravel. (both slate and gravel have been weathered for well over a year now, in the garden). I am going to put wood chip on top of the area but for now do you think it sounds OK for them?


Also when they have settled in and the weather warms up a bit I am going to let them free range. Just wondered is there any kind of plants that are poisonous for chooks and if so what are they please?


Many thanks Tara

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Hi Tara


I'm no expert, but I think they'll be OK on the gravel for a little while until you can get some bark down. Re the poisonous plants, IIRC you're not supposed to give them avocados (because they're poisonous to other birds like parrots and it's best to play safe), but I'm not sure about garden plants - if you do a search on the forum for "poisonous" you should find some useful threads.

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That sounds OK to me. They would pick up tiny stones etc in the garden anyway.


Have you considered hemcore rather than wood chips? It's very absorbant, makes poos disappear and my girls love scratching and digging about in it :) .


Re poisonous plants, I believe that chickens are quite clever about not eating plants that are poisonous to them. (Hopefully someone can confirm that :wink: .)

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Hi Tara123

When my girls arrived I asked Justin (very nice man) if there was anything in my garden that I should get rid of. He said (just like Ain't "Ooops, word censored!"ody Here said) that chooks were pretty clever when it came to eating plants. He did say that a big No No was rhubarb but that they usually stayed away from them when they were in leaf. Well, I've watched my girls when they have been out and about and they are not interested at all in the new shoots that have started to grow. so I guess that they are clever girls :!:


Lisa :D

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hello there,

there is a Hemcore website, with a link to find suppliers in your region...

it comes up whn i google it...


about poisonous plants:

i thought potatoes leaves were poisonous and they ate some...

as far as i know your chooks will know what to eat and what not to eat...


but be sure: what they can eat, they will eat!!!

yep, they stripped my mint, citronella, they like some sage or rosemary every now and again, forget about fruit bushes, and some more...


but the eggs are just fantastic!!



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