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more chooks ?

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Three sounds like a good number to start with - it gives you a chance to get used to the idea, as well as a feel for how many eggs you and your family (and friends/neighbours/colleagues) can consume :)


If you decide you want more (and you will!), introducing them isn't difficult if you do it slowly and carefully. And the experience you get with the first three will make you more confident.


Good luck!

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Three is a good number, but as you can fit more comfortably into the cube, why not get a few more?


You are bound to fall totally in love with them and want some more later anyway. If you get them all at once you will avoid the introduction issues which happen when adding new hens to an existing flock


Your friends and family will want eggs from you too, so you will need to meet the demand.


Good luck, Whatever you decide.

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3 is good. I got my 4 Omlet girls, 1 died soon after and we introduced a replacement only a month or so after we'd got the first chooks. Even after that short time the original 3 still put the new girl through the pecking order nastiness. They are all ok now, so it is easy to do, but I think if your getting a cube that can hold more than 3, maybe think about getting more at the outset. If it helps, they really are easy to look after once you get a bit of confidence after a few weeks.

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3 is a good number to start with, but you will probably soon want more. We bought our first eglu in July, and by November had ordered the cube. Introductions can be stressful, but equally a few months down the line you may want some ex-batts or fancy breeds.


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