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New girls collected this morning

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Hi All


Picked up my two new girls this morning. They are now settling into the run in a separated section until dusk.


I got a Bluebelle and a Sussex Ranger, both are beautiful birds. Now to known for evermore as Tilly & Brush.


I'll put some photos on the gallery.

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Here's some links:










All four girls have now gone to bed together in the Eglu. there was a bit of pecking at the neck by Kim (she's in charge) and she wouldn't let Tilly (Bluebelle) in for ages. Brush (who is much larger - Sussex ranger) was allowed in almost immeditely.


I guess a good general picks her battles!

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Mrs Peanut (Eggsakimbo) has been at home today for the first time since we got the new girls. She said that the two new ones would not come out of the Eglu at all. She let the two originals out to free range, shut the run door and then they came out. Is this a problem or just aprt of the natural order of things while they get used to each other?

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