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Got my new chickens

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Picked up my chickens yesterday. Only had two. Want some more soon so I thought i would have another two. I got a Rhode Island Red and a Buff Sussex. Both 16wks. They are lovely.


Got them home for about 2pm put them in eglu they ate food but did't see them drink...maybe they don't know were it is....how will they find it? eglu is long is't it.


They went into eglu about 5pm all by themselves was watching every move.


Was worried that they may have been cold last night so kept on going out to see if they were warm.....they were fine. Was going to put crushed newspaper inside if they were cold....not sure?


Today let them out in run, they were fine then a blackbird frightened them and went back into the eglu have put them out a few times but keep on going bach into eglu....not had that much to eat not seen them drink? It is a bit cold and wet and windy not nice. Have got a very waterproof cover over them with bungees on so they are dry in the run.


Will they be ok:

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yes, they will be fine. This is absolutely normal. Give them a few days to settle into their surroundings and they will come out and explore in their own time.


Tempting them with a few treats will work. They will soon associate you with treats then and will follow you/come to you. :)


Enjoy them.

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Hello Redbug, glad you've got your girls at last!


Don't worry, they sound like they're fine. I'm sure they are drinking (they just take a sip or two every now and then so you won't see it unless you watch for ages :wink:) .


Don't worry about them keeping warm in the eglu (although I did too :oops: ). They cuddle up and keep each other warm - if you stroke them at bedtime you'll feel their wee tummies are toasty!


Are you leaving them in the run for 5 days? That's the general advice so they know how to "come home to roost".


Try cutup grapes, dried mealworms, dried or tinned corn, raisins as treats - you'll soon have them eating out of your hand :D .

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If you're around in the late afternoon, you can help them keep warm overnight by giving them some corn or maize before bedtime. If you can't manage that, don't fret - the eglu is double-walled for insulation, and chickens' feathers are great insulation. I shut the eglu door if freezing temperatures are forecast, but that's all.


Heatwaves are when you need to be vigilant, as the hen's built-in feather'n'down duvet can be a bit of a liability :shock:

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I'm glad you have your girls. My Buff Sussex are lovely - and just about the thickest chickens I have ever come across. I've said before on the forum that my Buff Sussex are also both quite nervy - more jittery than the Maran and North Holland, but not quite as jumpy as my Orps.


Other folk on the forum have said that their Buff Sussex are very tame and not at all nervy, so it all goes to show that you never know.


what a useless, uninformative post this one is - sorry. I should only post when I've got something usefull to say!


Picture of one of my Buff Sussex (any excuse - and its my son, not me!);


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