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Chicken deficient

HUGE problem - empty Eglu!

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I am now the proud owner of two green Eglus :D

One is in the garden, for the the Pekin bantams, and the other is on the allotment.


Do you think that ex-battery chickens would be ok out on the allotment? They would be in the run when we were at work, and then loose in a poultry netting enclosure when we were at home (the allotment is at the end of the garden). We have got a cockerel who would stay out on the allotment with them, but I am not sure how much of a shock he would be to them!


My other thought was Shetland hens, but I don't know much about them, and I can't find much on the internet. As they lay blue eggs, I suppose they are part Araucana? How big are they, and how good are they at flying? Are they friendly too?


Any other suggestions greatfully accepted!

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THE BHWT advise against putting the ex-batts with a cockerel for a few weeks.


.........we always advise that it is best for the girls if they are kept separate from a cockerel for at least a couple of weeks - (a) they’ve never seen a cockerel and it’s a pretty scary experience when they do and (b) if he’s big and keen, he may do damage by jumping on a hen with weak legs and/or bald backs. If you can, give them a couple of weeks to build their confidence and strength.


As long as you can observe them on a daily basis they should be ok in a foxproof run on the allottment.


I'd keep them near to the house at first until you know they are reasonably fit.

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