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We got eggs!

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Hi All,


Its been a while - sorry! :cry: Life is hectic and I dont get to sit and 'surf' these days. I do miss reading this page. Any-hoo, delighted to announce that our bantams have started laying :dance::dance::dance: . Just assumed they never would? We have had them a while and havent checked the box this week - they arent in a lovely eglu like my GNR's. They are so pretty but a tad timid - my big girls are full on chasing us round the garden types!


Need to find where I bought the ceramic egg tray with the pictures of chooks on. Got it through this site somewhere - any ideas?


Big cyber hugs to all of you.


Sal :D

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Well done girls.


Thought you might like to see my new egg holder - hubby found it, although we have fought over its design - you can move the eggs in to whatever design you like, a spiral, steps etc.


I've put it on the gallery but don't know how to link!



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