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Ex bats & how to rescue them

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I would love to rescue some ex - bats...how practical is this if I already have 2 bosting great omlet chooks? will they mix? OH wants to wait till our 2 go to the big chicken coop in the sky but waiting is not my favourtie activity! I appreciate they need lots of tlc and would gladly give it but would it be crazy to try and get my 2 to accept newbies? Advice please! :)

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I think you would need separate accommodation for them initially.


They will be in poor condition and not used to living in a flock. They will also be overwhelmed by the pecking order stuff that will inevitably go on.


I'm sure you could merge them with the Omlet girls when they have fully recovered.

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I picked up our ex-batts on 28th December and they still haven't integrated with our other girls. Ex-batts have had to peck and fight for everything and they are often described as very street-wise. Our ex-batts have settled a lot and they see our original girls through the cube run every day but I am giving it a bit longer before I let them all out together.

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