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Battery Hens

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Hi everyone

The new chicken house is nearly ready . We went to B&Q on sat and bought wood etc and my hubbie has been building it all weekend. Its going to house 10 new ladies and our 3 ladies we already have, so I am quite excited. This weekend we are going to build the pen and then we will be ready to get the girls home. I have a farmer who is willing to let us have them (at a price!! :evil: ) Anyway the reason I am twittering on do any of you have advise on battery hens and what to expect. I obviously know how to look after normal hens but not sure what to expect? :shock:

Any advice :idea:


Trig xx

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We have only had one group of ex-batts. Most of our girls were in good condition but poor Bauble was a state. She had no feathers on her neck or her back and she looked 'oven ready' as someone on the forum once described it.


I understand that the condition of the girls depends on the farm. Some are better than others.

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play it by ear and just bear in mind, they've never been outside so they'll be quite shocked and stressed at first so, no noise or excitement around them for a few days. Kepe a close eye on them and let them settle in and get their strength back for a couple of weeks. We didn't let our girls out of their run for 2 weeks to make sure they'd acclimatised, learned how to use their legs properly and got their strength back.


What has the farmer fed them on? Is it mash? Make sure you have whatever they've been used to eating in for them.


Good luck with your new girls and we need to see photos of this hen palace! :D

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I'd keep your existing girls separate...they might be a bit enthusiastic around the new girls who might be a bit frail.



Also the ex-batts are best quarantined for a while to make sure they are well and won't infect the other hens with any nasties.


Good luck. Sounds like you will be busy!

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