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Lone Ranger

Is it normal for them not to come out ?

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Hi, Day 2 of owning chickens and getting worried already .... both chooks have refused to leave the eglu all day. I've seen one of them take some water and food, but not sure on the other. I know they are still getting used to the new house , but is it normal for them to stay inside all day - even on a nice sunny day like today ?

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Yes - and for a while they will scurry back in when you approach. I reckon I'd do the same if I was dumped in a strange place and scrutinised by big beings trying to poke odd bits of food and stuff.


My Mum told me not to take food from strangers - maybe your girls Mum said the same - don't go near strange men etc.


Seriously tho, its no probs at all - in time they will be under your feet and you will be wishing they stayed in more :D

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