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Auboise - itchy rash?

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Hi everyone,


Friday I picked up a pack of Auboise and put it in my car.

Saturday morning I woke up with a red itchy rash on my legs and arms.


Has anyone had a reaction to this stuff?


I haven't changed anything else like washing liquid etc, picking up the Auboise is the only thing that I did differently to any other day.


Is Hemcore the same stuff or not, was wondering if I should try that instead but there's no point if it's the same.


Still itching today, but like an idiot, yesterday I picked it up again and put it in my shed.

I won't be able to use it if I react like this to it.


Is there anything else I can use instead?


Desperate for an alternative as I can't stand this itching!

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If you haven't opened the bag then it is unlikely to be the aubiose. Could be dust from the feed merchants, although if you had long legged trousers on, hm. That type of allergic rash is usually caused by direct contact with the product, I would expect your hands to be affected first if it was the aubiose. Have you taken some piriton? If you have and the rash is still there then it is unlikely to be an allergy.


It would be worth taking the piriton and seeing if the rash resolves, then open the bag of aubiose and see if the same happens again.

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Thanks Snowy.


I'm going to get some Piriton today. I have rubbed some Anthisan on because I've been so desperate to stop the itching.

I've itched in places I've never itched before! Like my knees, elbows, heels!


I'll get my husband to lift the bag out and hose it off today.


Egluntine, I'll try that aswell.

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Funnily enough, I was coming to ask a question about Aubiose........


We started with Aubiose but changed to Hemcore as it was supposed to be British produced......only to be told that Hemcore import theirs from France anyway.


Hemcore is not soft like Aubiose, it is scratchy and gave Carl a rash.


He went yesterday to get Aubiose and found that it has been packed differently..... it is loosely packed instead of really compacted.... and looks more like the Hemcore.


We haven't opened it yet, but I wonder if that is the problem.....it isn't the soft stuff that was being sold as Aubiose before?

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:shock: It is interesting that you should remark on the packing, Lesley


I noticed that the new bale of Aubiose that I opened about 10 days ago seemed to be more loosely packed.


Thought nothing of it at the time apart from just noticing.


Hasn't given me a rash though.


I wonder if they are treating it with something now? :lol:

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Anthisan is good, but definitely need the piriton if it is all over :? Poor you. If you are itching all over, it is more likely to be something in the air than something you touched, again pointing to the dust. Wonder if it could be dust from the aubiose if it is loose and not compacted - although is supposed to be low dust. :? Let us know how you get on.

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