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We're getting a new girl tomorrow

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I have really got the bug since getting my 3 girls 2 1/2 weeks ago that I decided to get one more :D


I'm getting the new girl from the same lady as the other 3 and she is going to give me a nice strong girl who should be able to look after herself but I am aware that there could be trouble, so whats the best way to go about the introduction of the new girl?

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I have 2 run areas that I can use, but only one house (see pic) I can put the new girl in the smaller run once the other girls have come out of there house and into the big run, there is a sliding door that closes the 2 off if needed.


I was thinking about keeping the new girl in a cat basket during the night in the small run but would it be OK to leave her outside as the weather is so cold and she wouldn't have anyone else to snuggle up with to keep herself warm, or should I just bring her in?


Would the central heating make her to hot?



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Put her in with the others at night when they are drowsy...it will help with the bonding.


You will have to be up fairly early to hoik her out though and put her in her separate run.


If you don't fancy that, cover the box with an old blanket or similar, and if you think it is cold enough....a hot wheat pack or hot water bottle, where she can't peck at either.


You could just bring her in at night, which would probably be easier. Put her out first thing so that she spends as much time as poss getting used to the others.


Good luck. :lol:

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