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eggs !!

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hi our girls hav still not laid yet after 8 wks. but i know they will do soon i hope , do they lay in the morn are is it any time of day .as they are free range in the garden do we have to go and check under all the plants and trees :shock: are will they just lay in the nest box pls help as dont want to look under alll the trees as garden is 20m by 40m thank you :)

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Are they crouching yet? If they're not, I don't think you have to worry but once they do, you can be more aware of where they might lay.


Once they start crouching, you can encourage them to lay by putting a golfball or a ceramic egg in the nestbox.


I got a first egg laid in the run, but all subsequent ones have been in the nestbox.


They lay at any time during the day. I think it takes about 25-26 hours to make an egg so it'll be slightly later each day until they (possibly) have a day off. (I say "possibly" as my Maisie hasn't had a day off for 31 days :shock: .)

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