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Admiring my crocus

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Yesterday morning I stood in my garden and admired the crocus that were just beginning to bloom. The looked really pretty in the sun, purple and white amongst the green. When I went out into the garden in the late afternoon, the crocus were no more. They were gone, gobbled up by three feathery girlies.


Are there any plants that the chooks wont eat or am I destined to have a flowerless, grassless garden for ever.


Can't help loving them though.

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They do tend to eat everything is sight don't they? :? I use fruit cage netting and bamboo poles around areas of new growth, just to give it a head start. Remove the fruit cage netting when growth is dying down and the girls will rake up the rubbish and clear out any bugs that have accumulated. They are very good gardeners, if a little over enthusiastic! 8)

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