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Help! - potential soup disaster

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I am so annoyed with myself.

I boiled up a roast chicken carcuss from last night with veggies to make a stock,then added the leftover meat & more veggies to make a soupy stewy thing.

But it looked a bit liqued,so I bunged in a couple of very large handfuls of Waitrose Soup Mix, which is a dry mix of split peas,pearl barley,lentils & the like.


THEN I looked at the cooking instructions & it says to soak well overnight before cooking :evil::evil::evil:


If I leave it on a very low simmer for a very long time do you think it will be OK, or do I run the risk of poisoning us all ? :roll::lol:


I cannot bear to chuck it out - it smells wonderful & I have nothing else to cook for supper :?

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